Message from Ambassador

Welcome to the web site of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Lebanon. In our site we tried to give short information about our motherland, the development of Azerbaijan-Lebanese relations and the activity of our Embassy.

Azerbaijan is a one of the ancient centers of the world civilization. Archeological excavations carried out in the territory of the Republic confirm the fact of existence there one of the most ancient place of stay of human being (Cave Azikh, Fizuli district, drowned pictures on stones in Gobustan etc). The first state formations in Azerbaijan had been established in the IX century BC. In the Azerbaijani state of Caucasian Albania had been created one of the ancient alphabets of the world consisting of 52 letters. Caucasian Albania was one of the few states which had its independence during the dominium of the Roman Empire in the region. Azerbaijan had been described in the works of antic Greek, Roman and other historians, geographers, travelers.
We hopes that the information elaborated by us could be useful to You in order to know our country, and we are convinced that You will visit Azerbaijan in the nearest future.

Aghasalim Shukurov,


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