The ambassador, Aghasalim Shukurov met with the head of the Higher Council for Customs, Maj.Gen.Nizar Khalil.

In the framework of the meeting, the ambassador tasked with addressing the economic potentialities, natural resources and global energy projects of Azerbaijan, adding that Silk Road transport corridor is in the favorable position for international trade and transportation.

N. Khalil stressed that Lebanese side is in the interest of expanding cooperation ties with Azerbaijan especially in the custom’s sphere with making a note that Lebanese businessmen are engaged in business activities within Azerbaijan.

Afterwards, exchange of views on bilateral relations in various fields was carried out between the two countries. The ambassador draw attention to the agreement that have been signed by the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the government of Lebanese Republic in the direction of mutual support on custom issues and four documents for the purposes of cooperation between the sides in the period of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s visit to Azerbaijan in 1998.

N. Khalil considered it necessary to sign a new agreement between the sides and to present the consideration of memorandum of understanding project on cooperation in the custom’s sphere to the embassy.

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