Western University offers a wide variety of high-quality programmers at undergraduate, postgraduate and Phd levels.

Western University is one of the leading private institutions in Azerbaijan. It was founded in 1991 with the objective of creating an educational institution which would contribute to sustainable development in Azerbaijan. We train students to become specialists who satisfy the current and future needs of the country. The 5 schools and 3 campuses, which include over 180 faculty members, provide undergraduate and graduate training in 36 programmes for over 1000 students in full-time, evening and part-time courses. Moreover, scientific centers on sustainable human development and gender studies have been established to further contribute to the sustainable development of the country through research, capacity building and human capital development.


Western University offers a wide variety of high-quality programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate, and phD levels.


Undergraduate Programmes:

-       Political Science

-       World Economics

-       Design

-       International Relations

-       Translation (English Language)

-       Philology (English Language and Azerbaijani Language)

-       Regional Studies (USA and Europe)

-       Finance

-       Tourism and Hospitality

-       Ecology

-       Management

-       Economics

-       Business Administration

-       Psychology

-       Information Technologies

Master’s Degree Programmes:

-        Literature Studies (USA and Great Britain)

-        Linguistics (English Language)

-        Translation (English Language)

-        Regional Studies (USA and Europe)

-        Design and Technical Aesthetics

-        International Economic Relations

-        Banking

-        Bank Management

-        Ecological Management

-        Business Administration

-        MBA (Double Degree with University of Business and International Studies in Geneva)

-        Tourism and Hospitality

-        International Tourism and Country Studies

phD Programmes:

-        System Analysis, Management and Data Processing

-        Internal Fiscal Policy and State Finances

-        World Economy

-        German Languages

-        World Literature

-        International Relations

-        Technical Aesthetics and Design

Professional Development (Certificate) Programmes:

-        Business Management

-        Organizational Behaviour

-        Marketing Strategies

-        Project Management

-        Business English

-        Business Psychology

-        Human Resource Management

-        Strategic Management

-        Managerial Accounting

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